Life is like a merry-go-round,
Spinning, spinning, whirling 'round;
Time is like a sailing ship
Upon an endless sea.

Everyone is on the ship
And on the carrousel;
To them the ride is only a game,
But I don't want to play.

I can't put into words, you see,
What's going on in the depths of me.
It's clear
That I just don't fit in here...

Yet, I was born into this life
To do the best I can.
I'll be here only for a while;
The world will not remember me,
But I'm not worried--
I have life.
They search for it
But cannot find it--
The answer lies inside them.


Why should I be this amazed
And taken aback by youth?
I've always believed the smallest thing
Reflects the largest truth--
It's just that it strikes me
As being very odd
That now,
After all these years,
The thing which moves me most
To tears
Is when my little niece--
Innocent, trusting, and kind,
Not burdened
By the world's woe,
Not knowing
Of the world's wrong--
Out of a simple act of love,
Brings to me
A carefully chosen flower
Which she has picked
Especially for me.
Oh, dear God above!
Would that our faith
Were half so strong!
Would that our eyes
Could be so blind!


There you lie
With your hands on your lap...
So still, so silent, so cold,
Unlike days of old
When I knew you by your laughter.

Now above you the rafters ring,
Echo the sound of chapel bells...
And I just sit and stare,
Unaware they knell for me
As well as you.


The wind blows cold across the lake--
I think of you.
The chill seems to penetrate
Straight to the very marrow
Of my bones--
I remember you.
The crystal clear water,
Like a giant mirror
Lying on the surface of the earth,
Reflects the slate blue sky above--
I picture you.
The trees catch the muted rays
Of the sun...
The waves ripple...
The leaves rustle...
I divine your presence here--

These poems are taken from the author's first book
of original poetry entitled Songs of Solitude.

**Note:  The poem "Life" is actually also a song -- that is, it has music to it.

All poems copyright © 1984 by Pathfinder/Michael Wrenn Publications

Poems are a way of connecting the solitary soul with others and with the universe. Poetry is probably the oldest and, some would say, the purest art form. How and why poems come, and to whom poems come, is a mystery. Poetry can change lives and circumstances--poems are thus powerful means of expression. Poetry is all this, and more--still, poems are simply to be enjoyed and experienced.

Those who are blessed with the gift of writing poems should pass that gift on to others; that is my purpose with this page--to pass the gift of these poems to you.

You can get this book of original poems, Songs of Solitude, for $20.00 (price includes handling and shipping) by sending check or money order to Michael Wrenn, 266 Tallaha Road, Route 1, Box 114-E, Tillatoba, MS 38961, or pay by Paypal below. This is a 64-page hardcover book with dust jacket; it includes original artwork by the author -- in the book's contents and on the jacket. It is a limited edition book and personally autographed by the author. 


Forgive me
If I seem a bit uneasy
When I talk about
The not-too-distant past…
Forgive me
If I seem a bit downhearted;
I’d like to say
That I’m okay
And that I’m over you –
Forgive me,
But I can’t.

Forgive me
If I tried a bit too hard
To make you love me;
Forgive me
For telling you so foolishly
And with such a tactless flair
That I loved you.
I was young
And, I guess, a bit naïve
To believe in happy endings,
Though in the movies
It seemed to work out
Just like that –
All so right,
All so fair.

Forgive me
For believing in tomorrow
When I couldn’t even count on today;
Forgive me
For believing you would love me
And insisting
It would always be that way.

Forgive me
If it seems that I avoid you…
It’s not that I hate you –
It’s just that I can’t face you.
Forgive me,
For, you see,
Every time I look at you
I’m reminded too much
Of me
And all the anguish
That I’ve gone through.

And oh, yes, one last thing
Before I forget:
I hope you’ll forgive me
For saying this, too,
Although you may have trouble
Believing that it’s true;
I mean, after all this time
It couldn’t possibly be
That I could still love you –
Well, forgive me…
But I do.